Splow House 16

Splow House: A Split House that Can Be Grown or Build More Someday

Located at Tebet, South Jakarta, Indonesia, Splow House is a residential project designed by Delution. Completed in 2015, this project becomes a challenge for the architect to design a comfortable house for the client in a small area with plenty of required room and a limited budget. The architect uses a Split-Grow House concept so this house can be grown or build more based on the needs of the client.

EH House 15

EH Residence: A Weekend Villa with Contemporary Interior and Gathering Spaces in Bandung’s Hillside Area

The contemporary interior is chosen because it is a perfect interior design to create a warm atmosphere in this house through the materials. With the Bandung’s cool climate, the interior is balanced with the use of some natural materials such as warm woods. With new architectural details, this contemporary interior can be shown more clearly.