Ozone House: A Five-Bedroom Modern House with A Hybrid System

Ozone House 5

Just like the name of its location, Ozone House is a modern house located in the Ozone housing complex, in South Jakarta, Indonesia. One of the main features of this house is the hybrid system that is implemented through the application of solar panels.

Ozone house sits in the Ozone housing complex, in South Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a collaboration project between Studio ArsitektropiS and Nimara Architect. Inside this house, there are five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room.

This modern house has a lot of awesome features and one of them is the implementation of a hybrid system. The hybrid system in this house is used for its electricity needs with the application of solar panels on the roof.

Ozone House

Ozone House 1

Ozone House 2

Ozone House 3

Ozone House 4

Ozone House 5

Ozone House 6

Ozone House 7

Ozone House 8

Ozone House 9

Ozone House 10

Images Source: Studio ArsitektropiS

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