W Hotel Seminyak: A Collection of Private Individual Villas of Varying Sizes

W Hotel Seminyak 3

Located on prime beachfront land in Seminyak, Bali, W Hotel Seminyak offers a collection of private individual villas of varying sizes. Designed by SCDA Architects, this resort also has a beachfront hotel block containing common facilities and guest suites.


W Hotel Seminyak 1

W Hotel Seminyak 2

W Hotel Seminyak 3

W Hotel Seminyak 4

With a planning approach, the traditional aspects of Balinese courtyard living can be realized in this resort. The villas are arranged around private walled courtyards with gardens and pools. Craftmanship and local materials are used with rough stone walls that can complement the natural roofs and screens throughout the resort.

From architecture to landscape, the material palette flows to unify the space’s flow between the private individual villas.


W Hotel Seminyak Gallery


Photography: SCDA Architects

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