IT Residence: A Calm, Quiet, Monolithic Expression with Natural Materials

IT Residence 2

Completed in 2017 by Andramatin, IT Residence is a modern residence designed as a calm, quiet, monolithic expression against its lush surrounding in a suburban area in Bogor. This house also has a more natural look due to the use of natural materials.


IT Residence 1

IT Residence 2

IT Residence 3

IT Residence 8

IT Residence 10

In order to create a natural look, natural materials such as board-formed concrete are used to design this house. There are also angular views in this house towards the site from the center area. This center area is a centrifugal point with two lines that intersect one another.



IT Residence 4

IT Residence 5

IT Residence 6

IT Residence 7

IT Residence 9

Each space between masses is utilized as views from around the house’s corner so different views for each private area can be achieved, including the bathroom. The goal is to create a more open and natural feeling inside the house.

Photographer: Mario Wibowo

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