Linaya: A Modern House with Compact Design for Daily Needs

Linaya 4

Located in Banten, Indonesia, Linaya is a residential project completed by Delution in 2020. It is a modern house that developed in a housing complex masterplan with an iconic design as the concept. For the house itself, a compact design is the main concept for the homeowner’s daily needs.


Linaya 1

Linaya 2

Linaya 3

Linaya 4

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Linaya 8

Linaya 9

Linaya 10

Linaya 11

With the same building layout design, each building facade design in this complex is different from another. A compact design is used for this house although it stands on minimal land, its design can accommodate the homeowner’s daily needs in general.



Linaya 12

Linaya 13

Linaya 14

Linaya 15

Linaya 16

Linaya 17

Linaya 18

The room sizes show the compact design of the house, although some of them are smaller but still comfortable and functional. In order to respond to the limited land area’s issue, the concept of an open plan with minimal bulkhead is used to create the communal area, including the different floor levels and the void existence.



Linaya 19

Linaya 20

Linaya 21

Linaya 22

Linaya 23

Linaya 24

Linaya 25

Linaya 26

Linaya 27

Linaya 28

Linaya 29

Linaya 30

Linaya 31

Linaya 32

Linaya 33

Linaya 34

Linaya 35

Linaya 36

Linaya 37

In this house, the void can accommodate the occurrence of cross-circulation for natural air and lighting so the quality of the house spaces is better. There is no single room in this house that doesn’t get natural air and direct lighting.


Linaya Gallery


Photographer: Fernando Gomulya

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