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Xiao Jing Wan University: University Buildings with A Specially Designed Clay Brick

A masterplan for Xiao Jing Wan has been designed by Foster + Partners, including a University campus for China Resources. This region is a coastal urban development located to the east of Shenzhen, China. Xiao Jing Wan University offers an awesome project with 55,000 m² in size and a specially designed clay brick for the structure.

Maggie’s Manchester: A Welcoming Building with A Domestic Atmosphere in A Garden Setting

This awesome building provides a welcoming ‘home away from home’ where people affected by cancer can find practical and emotional support. Located across Britain and abroad, Maggie’s Manchester is designed by Foster + Partners Maggie’s Centres. This building establishes a domestic atmosphere in a garden setting which is very comfortable for all people. Completed in 2016, the total area of the building is 730m².

Steve Jobs Theater: A Modern Theater with A Lens-Shaped Roof

Sits on a small hill in Cupertino, Steve Jobs Theater is an awesome extraordinary eight-year collaboration between Apple and Foster + Partners. This modern theater is big and designed with a lens-shaped roof, the largest carbon-fiber roof in the world. This project is started in 2009 and completed in 2017 with a 1,000 seat auditorium of its capacity.

Think Tank: A Small Flagship Building with A Mixture of Individual Offices and Workshops

Completed in 2008 by Marks Barfield Architects, Think Tank is the name of design ideas for the building in Lincoln. This project is a part of the planning process for the expansion of Lincoln University, designed as a small flagship building providing quality designed, a workshop space, and a managed office for appropriate start-up companies. It is a mixture of individual offices and workshops with comfortable general office facilities.

Minhang Museum: A Forum for Civic Engagement with A Landscaped Roof

Located in Shanghai with 108,000 SF in size, Minhang Museum is part of the Minhang District’s Qibao Culture Park Development. This museum will be a forum for civic engagement, designed by Gluckman Tang and completed in 2018. The museum building has a landscaped roof that provides a public space with a stunning park view.

Zénith de Saint-Étienne: A New Cultural Destination with An Aerodynamic Roof and Flexible Performance Space

Zénith de Saint-Étienne is the result of an international design competition in 2004. It is a new cultural destination for Saint-Etienne that characterized by its aerodynamic roof and flexible performance space. It is also the first purpose-built state-of-the-art music venue for the Rhone-Alpes region of central southern France. This awesome project is completed in 2008 with 14,800m² in size and 7,200 for capacity.

Winspear Opera House: A Series of Welcoming Spaces Wrapped around the Auditorium’s Rich Red Drum

The ambition of this project is to create a building that has a central role in the cultural life of Dallas and becomes a destination in its own right for a non-opera-going public. Winspear Opera House is designed by Foster + Partners for AT+T Performing Arts Center and finished in 2009 with 23,500m² in size. The building structure is inverted to create a series of welcoming spaces that wrap around the rich red drum of the auditorium.

Citic Bank Headquarters: A High Headquarters with A Diagonally-Braced Structure and A-Frame Canopy

Designed by Foster + Partners for China Citic Bank Hangzhou Branch, this headquarters tower has a prominent location in Hangzhou. Citic Bank Headquarters is 100 meters high with a diagonally-braced structure and also and is characterized by a striking geometric form. There is also a 30-meter-high A-frame canopy at the base of the building that stretches 72 meters across the ground floor for a dramatic entrance experience.

Lightbox: A New Cultural Center with Overlapping ‘Snakeskin’ Anodized Aluminum Panels

It is the Woking’s first museum and gallery and also a new kind of cultural center. Lightbox is designed by Marks Barfield Architects and completed in 2008, originated from a local group in the community. It contains galleries capable of displaying local artist’s work and international exhibitions. The interesting design of this cultural center building is its overlapping ‘snakeskin’ anodized aluminum panels that come in five shades of silver and gold.

Cambridge Mosque: UK’s First Green Mosque with An Awesome Timber Structure

When the existing Mawson Road mosque began to experience capacity issues, there was planning for a new mosque began in 2007. Marks Barfield Architects won a limited international competition through Cambridge Mosque with the concept of the mosque as a calm oasis within a grove of trees. It is the UK’s first green mosque with an awesome timber structure.