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Cultural Center Belfeld: A New Cultural Center Building with New Volumes and Bright Colors

The main hall and activity areas in this current cultural center building are demolished to make way for new construction. The new cultural center building for Cultural Center Belfeld is designed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur and completed in 2013. The renovation for this new building in Belfeld comes with a new volume while the bright colors can improve orientation.

Limburgs Museum Venlo: A Museum Building with A Curved Elongated Brick Volume

Completed in 2000, Limburgs Museum Venlo is designed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur as a new town gate. Located in Venlo with 7.600 m² in size, this museum building has steel and the glass of the entrance and the office section that refers to modern times while the curved elongated brick volume refers to the past.

NEO Bankside: Residential Buildings with Coloration and Materials of the Local Architectural character

Located in the heart of the Bankside area of London, NEO Bankside has 217 modern residential units in four buildings ranging from 12 to 24 floors. Completed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partner in 2012, these hexagonal pavilions are arranged to provide residents with generous accommodation. The contemporary language in these buildings reinterprets the coloration and materials of the local architectural character.

Deltares Delft: A Three-Storey-High Tetra Building with A Small Multi-Purpose Pavilion

This three-storey-high tetra building is a new face of the independent Research Institute Deltares in the Netherlands. It is an institute that focuses on innovative solutions to Delta problems located on an outdated campus designed in the sixties. Deltares Delft is designed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur with 6000 m2 in size. A small multi-purpose pavilion is also built adjacent t0 this building. This awesome project is completed in 2013.

Hotel Landgoed Huize Bergen Vught: A Sustainable Hotel Building with A Luxurious Atmosphere

Designed in collaboration with ZOETMULDER, Hotel Landgoed Huize Bergen Vught is completed in 2017. This building is not only sustainable but it also has a strong connection with nature. With 1500 m² in size, Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur also uses a combination of color and material to create a luxurious atmosphere inside this hotel.

OZW VU University Amsterdam: A New Landmark with Softly Shaped Brick Walls

This 2006 project is about the OZW health care and well-being training institute as a new landmark. This landmark is designed for VU University’s architectural landscape. OZW VU University Amsterdam is 20.250 m2 in size and completed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur. The softly shaped brick walls are reminiscent of the Amsterdam School that suitable for the nature of the training programs.

Transformer Office, Carlton: A New Office Building with A Contemporary Design

The client of Zen Architects in this project is a boutique graphic design and publishing company that tries to re-purpose an existing building for their new offices. Located in Carlton, Transformer Office is designed with a contemporary design to create an enjoyable and creative working environment.

Minami Yamashiro Elementary School: A Life-Long Learning Building with A Concrete Frame

Located in Kyoto, Japan, Minami Yamashiro Elementary School is commissioned by the mayor of Minami Yamashiro to reunite the local community. It is not only a school but also a community center. Designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and completed in 2003, the result is a modern building with a concrete structure that offers life-long learning and evening classes for the community’s adult population and daytime schooling for children.

Antwerp Law Courts: A New Gateway Building with A Pre-Cast Concrete Frame Superstructure

Started in 1998 and finished in 2005, Antwerp Law Courts is designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners for Regie der Gebouwen. It is one of the practice’s major public buildings of the early 21st century in Antwerp, Belgium that reflects a vision of the city as a humane and democratic place. The new gateway building is designed with a pre-cast concrete frame superstructure.

Center for Global Conservation: A New Building with An Environmentally Conscious Structure

Center for Global Conservation is designed as headquarters for international programs of the Wildlife Conservation Society. It is an organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and places worldwide. The new building activates a dialogue between nature, conservation, and program, built with an environmentally conscious structure. This project is completed by FXCollaborative in 2009.