10 Charming Garden Ideas with Swimming Pool

MG House 38

Having a garden with a swimming pool in your backyard is awesome. A garden and swimming pool is perfect combination to create an entertaining outdoor area for your home. You can do gardening and also keep an eye on your kids in the swimming pool at the same time.

If you need more inspiration for your own garden, here are 10 charming garden ideas with a swimming pool.

1. Pool House by Zen Architects

Pool House 10

This multi-generation home has a charming garden idea with a swimming pool which is perfect for your family. Pool House has a garden that is designed with barries so it is safe for your kids to play around the garden near the pool. Outdoor furniture is also added to create an outdoor dining area.

Photographer: Derek Swalwell


2. Five Shadows by CLB Architects

Five Shadows 4

Designed by CLB Architects, Five Shadows has a charming garden idea with a swimming pool and also a pool deck that is used as an outdoor entertaining area. This deck is completed with outdoor furniture so the homeowner can enjoy the outdoor views comfortably.

Photographer: Matthew Millman


3. Terrasse Village House by Gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados

Terrasse Village House 1

If you want to have a simple garden, you can try the charming garden idea with a swimming pool in this modern house. Terrasse Village House has a large garden area designed with a small number of trees. Together with the pool, this garden can offer a spacious outdoor area to enjoy.

Photographer: Jomar Bragança


4. MG House by MoMa Arquitectas

MG House 9 1

The charming garden idea with a swimming pool in MG House is about creating a large outdoor area where your family can take a leisurely walk to enjoy nature outside the house. The swimming pool is completed with barriers as well.

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte


5. House Carbon by Alexis Dornier

House Carbon 2

This vacation gateway has a large garden designed with a swimming pool. The charming garden idea with a swimming pool in House Carbon is all about creating a large opening where the homeowner can enjoy the sea views directly when they open the backyard door.

Photography: Kie


6. River House by Alexis Dornier

River House 1

In River House, the charming garden idea with a swimming pool is about creating a unique layout for the backyard. There is an elongated pool decorated with a lot of greenery. Next to it, a large patio is designed awesomely to give an incredible experience in enjoying surrounding nature.

Photography: Alexis Dornier


7. House Origami by Alexis Dornier

House Origami 6

The garden and swimming pool in House Origami is perfect for you who want to create a tropical look. The charming garden idea in this house is about using the greenery to beautify the pool. This pool also has a pool deck that is completed with outdoor furniture.

Photography: Alexis Dornier


8. Stark House by Park Associates

Stark House 1

This concrete house has a large backyard that is designed with a charming garden idea. The elongated swimming pool in Stark House looks inviting and fresh surrounded by a lot of greenery. The large opening of the living room in this house also lets the homeowner enjoy the garden view from the inside area of the house.

Photographers: Derek Swalwell, Edward Hendricks


9. Loft RLO by ME Arquitetura


Designed by ME Arquitetura, this single-storey residence has a large garden that is designed with a charming garden idea completed with a pool. There is also a pool patio in Loft RLO with outdoor furniture where one can sit and enjoy the outdoor views.

Photographer: Haruo Mikami


10. Verdant Verandah by HYLA Architects

Verdant Verandah 8

A small garden with a small swimming pool? Take a look at the charming garden idea with a swimming pool in Verdant Verandah. This semi-detached house has a small pool that is beautified with greenery. It is a perfect small garden idea with a small pool as well for you who has limited space.

Photographer: Derek Swalwell

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