10 Neutral-Color Family Room Ideas to Take Note

Tree House 2

By using a neutral color to design your family room, this room will be more inviting. There are some colors that are identified as neutral colors such as white, cream, and grey. These colors are also perfect for you who want to have a warm atmosphere in your family room.

If you need more ideas for your family room, here are 10 neutral-color family room ideas to take note of.

1. Glebe Residence by Batay-Csorba Architects

Glebe Residence 6

Designed by Batay-Csorba Architects, the neutral-color family room idea in Glebe Residence is about creating a bright room with the use of some neutral colors such as white and grey. The natural accent comes from the wooden table placed in the middle of the room.

Photography: Doublespace Photography

2. House in Kyoto by Joe Chikamori

House In Kyoto 9

With traditional Japanese style, the family room in House in Kyoto is very comfortable and warm. The neutral-color family room idea in this family house is about using wood as the main material to design the house structure. The neutral color from the wood can beautify the family room awesomely.

Photographer: Yosuke Ohtake


3. Garden House by Aaron Neubert Architects

Garden House 10

In this beautiful family room, the neutral-color family room idea is about using neutral-color furniture and neutral-color interior elements. Designed by Aaron Neubert Architects, Garden House uses a grey sofa, white table, and wooden bookshelf to beautify its family room. There is also a reading nook at the corner of the room that faces the view outside.

Photography: Brian Thomas Jones, Adam Pergament, ANX


4. Wind Vault House by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Wind Vault House 13

If you want to have a modern family with a spacious feeling, try the neutral-color family room idea in Wind Vault House. In this house, the family room is filled with essential things only (sofas, chairs, a table, a rug). Without too many accessories or decorations, this room feels larger.

Photography: Wallflower Architecture + Design

5. Haus am Hang by MVRDV

Haus Am Hang 11

This new family home has a simple family room that consists of a kitchen and dining area. Designed by MVRDV, Haus am Hang has a neutral-color family room idea that uses white as the main color. In order to highlight the room, wooden dining furniture is chosen to complete the neutral look.

Photography: MVRDV


6. Ventayol – La Vileta by PMA Studio

Ventayol La Vileta 6

The bright look in white with decorative arts on the wall can be the best idea for your family room. The neutral-color family room idea in Ventayol – La Vileta is about combining the neutral color from wood with white. The result is a comfortable family room dominated by white and wooden furniture.

Photography: PMA Studio


7. Tree House by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

Tree House 2

You can also beautify your family room with grey furniture. It is one of the easiest neutral-color family room ideas that you can try in your family room. Just like the family room in Tree House that was designed with grey furniture and grey rug.

Photography: Anson Smart


8. N8A House by Holz Architekten

N8A House 3

You can also use dim lights to highlight your neutral-color family room idea in your house. In N8A House, dim lights are used to show the beauty of the wooden floor. The wall and ceiling of this room are painted in white while the seating area is completed with a grey sofa that has the same color as the wall.

Photographer: Zooey Braun


9. Family House in Pavilnys by DO ARCHITECTS

Family House In Pavilnys 7

Family House in Pavilnys has a minimalist family room that is designed with the use of three different neutral colors: grey, white, black. Combining these colors is one of the best neutral-color family room ideas as well, especially when you want to create a decorative look.

Photographer: Norbert Tukaj


10. Montauk House by Desai Chia Architecture

Montauk House 5

Besides the color of the furniture, the neutral-color family room idea is also about the color of the wall. The family room in Montauk House is not only decorated with grey furniture but also grey walls. Wooden elements such as wooden tables and chairs are also added to bring a natural look.

Photographer: Paul Warchol

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