Czech Promotion Offices: Modern Interior of Communication Agency Offices with Ivory Color

Czech Promotion Offices 8

Just in three months, Czech Promotion moves from the Winternitz villa to their new office in the premises of Karlín Palace. These communication agency offices are designed by Kurz Archi in 2017 with 900 meter square of the total area. With the modern interior and ivory color, the design can have its own story and value.


Czech Promotion Offices 1

Czech Promotion Offices 2

Czech Promotion Offices 3

The architect works together with the supplies and client to make the modern interior design to these offices. The pure concept is used to prevent any disagreements and debates from the proposal. In the end, every space is divided well that can create a unique identity with its modern interior design.



Czech Promotion Offices 4

Czech Promotion Offices 5

Czech Promotion Offices 6

The unique style of the modern interior in these offices comes from the material, furniture, and elements that added. The antique elements are also combined with the lighting system to get a full sophisticated look based on the company mission and vision.



Czech Promotion Offices 7

Czech Promotion Offices 8

Czech Promotion Offices 9

The ivory-colored color is chosen from the polyurethane squeegee. This color is also used in the previous office in the Winternitz’s villa, dubbed as “beige princess”. It becomes a great challenge for the painter to use this color in decorating and designing the modern interior.



Czech Promotion Offices 10

Czech Promotion Offices 11

Czech Promotion Offices 12

Most of the interior furnishings of Czech Promotion Offices are the result of antique searches. The furnishings are combined with the refurbished chairs, completing the new features of the existing Czech manufacturer.



Czech Promotion Offices 13

Czech Promotion Offices 14

Czech Promotion Offices 15

Czech Promotion Offices 16

All of the used lightings comes from the product of one division of the Czech Promotion. The lightings have different shape and size which are used in different office spaces too. The ivory color and the used materials can be highlighted and shown well with those lightings.


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