Norigami: A Sushi Restaurant with Traditional Elements and A Modern Flair

Norigami 1

An award-winning team at Very Handsome Studio recently completed an exquisite creation in the heart of Houston, Texas, called Norigami.

Design Concept

Norigami is a special sushi restaurant that provides an immersive journey into the intersection of culinary excellence and design ingenuity. Vy Truong and Han Dang from Very Handsome Studio are known for their innovative approach to creativity and have masterfully crafted an atmosphere that immerses guests in the vibrant streets of Tokyo.

The Bar + Speakeasy

In this restaurant, all visitors can enjoy a harmonizing space that seamlessly blends traditional elements with modern flair. The speakeasy and bar areas are the Studio’s commitment to storytelling through design. Visitors can have an intimate, engaging journey fostering curiosity and revelation in these areas.

Tokyo-Inspired LED Lighting

Norigami captivates with its enchanting LED lighting, drawing inspiration from the kaleidoscope of lights that adorn the streets of Tokyo. As night falls, the lights metamorphose the venue into a dynamic canvas, enhancing the dining ambiance with its ever-shifting hues.

Origami Artistry

The genuine masterpieces in this restaurant are the origami hanging fixtures, adorned in shades of teal, violet, and other hues. They pay homage to the ancient Japanese art of paper folding with a contemporary spin. These fixtures not only light up the area but also captivate as mesmerizing centerpieces.

Norigami Gallery

Photographer: Fajar Hassan

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