Lincoln Modern: 56 Split-Level Apartments, Studios and Penthouses

Lincoln Modern 1

Located in Singapore, it is a 30-storey condominium designed by SCDA Architects. Lincoln Modern consists of 56 split-level apartments, penthouses, and studios. With the modern design, this apartment building is perfect for those who live in an urban area with a modern lifestyle.


Lincoln Modern 1

Lincoln Modern 2

Lincoln Modern 3

Lincoln Modern 4

The building consists of 30 floors with 56 split-level apartments, studios, and penthouses inside. The apartments are a development of principles for the project of 1922 Immeubles-Villas, first explored in Le Corbusier’s two-storey prototype dwelling. This was displayed in the Esprit Nouveau Pavilion at the Paris Exposition in 1925.

The exposition of the building shows drawings of the dwelling as a detached suburban villa and as a stacked unit as well.


Lincoln Modern Gallery


Photography: SCDA Architects

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