North Melbourne Terrace 7

North Melbourne Terrace: An Single-Story Victorian Terrace House with A Double Volume Alteration and Addition

Located in North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, North Melbourne Terrace is a completed project of an existing single-story Victorian terrace house with a double volume alteration and addition. Eldridge Anderson respond to the existing building with new additions and opening up the enclosed spaces. While the double-height volume links upper and lower levers, allowing sunlight to come to the living space.

Jan Juc Studio 4

Jan Juc Studio: A Large Deck Space with A Series of Sliding Doors and Exploration of Structural Clarity

Working together with Surfcoast Constructions, Eldridge Anderson explores ideas related to structural clarity and enclosure through this under-construction project. Jan Juc Studio is located in Jan Juc, Victoria, Australia and it is envisaged as a large deck space that floats gently across the undulating site. It has a series of sliding doors with a continued exploration of structural clarity.

Torquay House 12

Torquay House: A Modern House with A Linear Floor Plan and Wide-Ranging Coastal Views

Located on the front esplanade in Torquay, Victoria, Australia, Torquay House is designed to respond to the streetscape with a sharp edge to the onshore winds and esplanade. This modern house has wide-ranging coastal views over Fishermans Beach, Point Danger, and the ocean horizon with a linear floor plan that stretches through the defined structural grid. This house project is completed by Eldridge Anderson.