UB06: A Close Connection between House and Street

UB06 2

Once again, the studio is able to partner with NHS to create a year’s house in a residential project called UB06 or URBANbuild 6. The focus of this project is to maintain a connection between the street and house in Central City.


UB06 1

UB06 2

UB06 3

The studio and NHS try to reestablish a connection with Central City once again via this project, a relationship that continues till now. This project is called URBANbuild 6, the first of four houses located on Toledano Street.



UB06 4

UB06 5

UB06 6

UB06 7

UB06 8

It is a house that represents a return to the original three-bedroom, two-bathroom program. The focus is to maintain the close connection between the street and the house based on the neighborhood tradition of socializing from stoops and porches.

The scheme of this house can be seen in one bedroom downstairs and two upstairs, focusing on the three outdoor spaces’ creation as well. Each of them can be accessed from a generous, two-story central space.


UB06 Gallery


Photography: URBANbuild

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