Villa Vista 1

Villa Vista: A Modern House with Stacking of Five Blocks for Massing and Minimalist Composition

This house doesn’t project into its garden but it allows itself to be interpenetrated and surrounded by this garden. The formal part of the garden and the front street is reminiscent of French geometric style that composed of box trees and horizontal strips of perennials. One can find a private garden space behind the hedge of shaped yew trees. This garden space is designed in the natural English park style.

Chalet In Krkonoše 1

Chalet in Krkonoše: A New Mountain Chalet with Contemporary Architecture and Copper Sheet Roof

The copper sheet rood is designed with a fan-like shape rebated joint to highlights the effect in the upward direction of the house extending massing. While the beautiful windows are made of laminated massive oak profiles, treated by natural oil varnish. Characterized by the brown and gray shades of color and a combination of natural stone and wooden material, this house offers a unique character that is different from others.