Villa C: A New House with A Rather Cube-Like Volume

Villa C 12

Developed by Juma Architects, this new house is a compact yet highly livable plan. Villa C has a rather cube-like volume which is also animated by contrasting materials. It is a 2019 project located away from the street.


Villa C 1

Villa C 2

Villa C 3

Villa C 4

Villa C 5

Villa C 6

Villa C 7

A visual connection is created between the front yard and backyard of the house since it is located away from the street. This way is achieved by means of a robust concrete wall from the lot’s front side in the garden wall’s form.

The wall continues through the inside and ends in the back area. Lining this wall are large glass sections, emphasizing the architectural image to create the all-important open lines of sight and also transparency.



Villa C 8

Villa C 9

Villa C 10

Villa C 11

Villa C 12

Villa C 13

Villa C 14

With the quadratic form, the program of this project makes full use of the delineated construction zone. An entrance hall with an elevator and staircase and a garage with a pantry can be found in the private area. The family kitchen, dining room, and seating area overlook the garden while a spacious covered terrace with a canopy accentuates the house’s architecture.



Villa C 15

Villa C 16

Villa C 17

There is also a full basement with a utility room and ample room for storage. The first floor of the house has a classic layout with two bathrooms and three bedrooms. The bedrooms have a dressing space as well.


Villa C Gallery


Photographer: Annick Vernimmen

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