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LARRY’S ROOM: A New Space from the Existing Children’s Room with A Light Hanging Structure

LARRY’S ROOM is a non-standard task for Rina Lovko. Located in Konchа-Zaspa, Ukraine with 35 sqm in size, this 2017 project’s goal is to create a new space from the existing children’s room for a teenager. The unique design comes from its light hanging structure without doors that allow for storing seasonal clothes.

PARUS: Modern Interiors of Elongated Apartment with Expansive Three-Panel Window

A creative architect, Rina Lovko, has been completed a residential project in 2016 called PARUS. It is a project of an elongated apartment interior with 200 sqm in size located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The focal point for the interior design is its expansive three-panel window combined with modern furniture and elements.

APARTMENT FOR FOUR: A Comfortable Apartment with Unique and Versatile Interior

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, APARTMENT FOR FOUR is a residential project designed by Rina Lovko. This 100 sqm modern apartment is designed to create comfort for a family of four. With creative ideas, the efficient use of the apartment space can be maximized. This project is completed in 2014 with a comfortable, unique, and versatile interior as a result.

Presenting the Design Ideas of Tobi Architects and Aleksandra Nuzhnaya in K-16 Competition

Tobi Architects and Aleksandra Nuzhnaya won the nomination for the Best Interior Design of a Private House. They then participated in the K-17 competition and had succeeded in winning the first place for their NUOVO VECCHIO interior design.