ANA ROCHA Architecture

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Bierings House: A Wooden House with Different Shaped Openings in the Roof and Façade

This family house is a residential project designed by Ana Rocha and Michel Tombal. Completed in 2009, Bierings House comes as a wooden house that has different shaped openings in the roof and façade. These openings offer varied daylight experiences for the residents. This project was a finalist of the DUTCH DESIGN AWARDS.

Slim Fit: A Permanent Micro Dwelling with A Smart and Flexible Design

It is a permanent micro dwelling located in Almere, the Netherlands with 50m2 in size. Slim Fit is designed by ANA ROCHA Architecture for urban densification that occupies with its minimal footprint. The use of smart and flexible design can provide many applications. With its compact footprint, this dwelling becomes an ideal home for compacting and filling in the city blocks’ inner areas.

Alba’s Play: An Apartment Refurbishment with High Walls and Newly Added Volumes

Bought by designers Carvalho & Bernau from the municipality two old classrooms in a former school building, this apartment is a 2018 project located in The Hague, the Netherlands. With 150 m² in size, the refurbishment of Alba’s Play is done by ANA ROCHA Architecture. The high walls are combined with newly added volumes to transform it into a sustainable home.