Shimookabe’s House: A Modern House with A Strong Presence of Design and Appearance

Shimookabe's House 13

Facing a rural scene, Shimookabe’s House is a residential project by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE located in Japan. This modern house has a strong presence through its design and appearance and at the same time, a rich and diverse space can be created by using a simple configuration.


Shimookabe's House 1

Shimookabe's House 2

Shimookabe's House 3

Shimookabe's House 4

Shimookabe's House 5

Shimookabe's House 6

Shimookabe's House 7

Besides facing a rural scene, the site of this house is also the land closed that surrounded by a peripheral wall. The architect uses the space configuration so one can enjoy the scenery on the second floor where it is allowed to place a major feature on this floor.



Shimookabe's House 8

Shimookabe's House 9

Shimookabe's House 10

Shimookabe's House 11

Shimookabe's House 12

Shimookabe's House 13

A rich and diverse space can be created by using a simple configuration that performs production to fittings of the original antique and partitioning the house space in the future.

With a strong presence, the design and appearance of this house are located toward the rural scene. This house is expected to be a place where rural scene future can blend well.


Shimookabe’s House Gallery



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