Creekside: A Mountain House with Sustainable Building Strategies

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Located in Western Montana, Creekside is a completed collaboration project between Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects and Studio Zerbey Architecture. It is a 4,550 square foot mountain house with a 1,430 square foot detached garage. Sustainable building strategies are also employed in this house.


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Featured in Mountain Living!, this awesome house sits on a property with a creek running through its backyard. The house site has a lot of complex design requirements, including a flood plain, riparian area, and steep slope. On the main floor, there are most of the house interior spaces. The only master suite is located on the second floor.



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The owners of this awesome house want a strong connection between the outside and the inside. Although the house street side can maintain a low profile, the house creekside has some indoor-outdoor spaces that include a cantilevered dining deck supported by its own fireplace and a protected backyard.



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This mountain house has a detached garage with a walk-out ‘man cave’ below. This walk-out ‘man cave’ opens up onto the site’s lower level. Some sustainable building strategies are also employed such as a green roof and photovoltaic panels.


Creekside Gallery


Photography: Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

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