A 90 m2 Moscow Apartment in Black Tones

A 90 M2 Moscow Apartment In Black Tones 29

The inhabitant of this 90-square-meter Moscow apartment is a stylish young man with a clear vision for his home’s look. He favors dark tones, concrete touches, and fashion pieces by Carol Christian Poell. He is also an ardent admirer of renowned designer Rick Owens. Inside, the interior emanates an aura of raw masculinity, boasting well-defined lines, and meticulous attention to detail, creating a truly captivating atmosphere throughout the living area.

Unlike typical apartments, there are only three distinct areas that have been planned in this apartment: the laundry room, the bathroom, and the bedroom. The rest of the space is an open floor plan, offering freedom and flexibility.

There is hardly a single mass-produced item in this project. Every piece of furniture here is custom-made based on the individual’s sketches, representing exquisite handcrafted pieces of art and collectible design objects.

Stand out as the highlights of the interior, the objects crafted by the acclaimed Russian artisan Denis Milovanov and a pair of chairs by the renowned American designer Rick Owens, who first appeared in Russia.

In his collection, the apartment owner already possessed a work by young contemporary artist Andrey Berger, whose pieces were showcased at the Urban Art Fair in Paris within a dedicated space. Following the young man’s vision, the Rick Owens chairs he longed for were to be placed underneath. Despite their rarity – only 20 numbered editions are in existence globally – he had to endure a six-month wait. Further adding to the personalized touch, he designed the ceramic tiles for the background wall, intended for a painting to hang. The result is an arresting and lively composition that stands as the focal point of the entire interior.

The wooden furniture was collaboratively designed with Denis Milovanov, a wood designer who brought the designs to life. The owner played an active role in the design process as well.

The architect also complemented the oak kitchen furniture and island with suspended shelves and floor cabinets crafted from blued metal.

The work area showcases a desk and a chair with a cross-like silhouette, while the bed is raised on a platform with a robust headboard. Furthermore, Denis Milovanov personally fashioned the bedroom door, a process that brought him great pleasure. Denis revealed that he worked on the panel during the sunlit hours, etching the ornamentation to mimic the sun’s rays. He hadn’t expected the final product to be so stunning.

Once Denis had completed crafting all the items, the architect decided to ask him to create a sofa for the living room. Initially, he mentioned that he typically doesn’t work with upholstered furniture. However, when the architect suggested the idea of a backless sofa bed made from a single piece of wood, inspired by the shape of a boat, he was intrigued and inspired. As a result, he crafted yet another beautiful piece for the apartment!

The surface finishes and other interior elements have also been meticulously designed and executed by talented craftsmen, based on individual sketches. The walls are constructed of either blued metal, concrete, or painted by artists in specific hues. Additionally, the carpenters created unique wooden and rattan shutters based on my sketches, while furriers tailored curtains made of mink fur.

This interior incorporates many unconventional elements, resulting in a uniquely special space. The handcrafted design, the combination of various textures and materials, and the interplay of light and shadow contribute to a luxurious yet distinctive ambiance. It might not seem unusual, but it adds a touch of warmth and comfort to the minimalist setting.

It is an awesome new project by interior designer Ariana Ahmad.

About the Architect Ariana Ahmad

Ariana Ahmad’s Architectural Bureau offers a comprehensive suite of services, including blueprint and visualization development, construction management, and furniture and decor selection. The firm boasts a global footprint with projects spanning across Great Britain, Israel, and the United States. The bureau’s expertise encompasses a wide range of projects, from private interiors to high-profile public endeavors, such as the innovative store and gallery for Carol Christian Poell.

Since 2018, Ariana has been acknowledged as a top architect by AD Magazine.

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Interior designer Ariana Ahmad, Ariana Ahmad Design (@arianaahmad_design, www.arianaahmaddesign.com)

Photo credit Mihail Loskutov @loskutoff

Style by Natasha Onufreichuk @onufreichuk_before_after

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