Villa Savu Savu: A Modern Villa Constructed Using Traditional Fijian Materials and Techniques

Villa Savu Savu 1

This modern villa is constructed by locals using traditional Fijian materials and techniques. Villa Savu Savu is an awesome project by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects with roofs made from locally sourced timbers.


Villa Savu Savu 1

Villa Savu Savu 2

Villa Savu Savu 3

There is a master suite attached to the main house while the smaller bures spread around the hill base for other guests. Locally sourced timbers are bound together at steep angles to design and made the roofs. Using traditional Fijian materials and techniques, this villa looks unique and awesome.



Villa Savu Savu 4

Villa Savu Savu 5

Villa Savu Savu 6

The screens, balustrades, and decks come with a natural appearance with unrefined character. Those are also styled to the main timber structure and sympathetic in scale. In this project, extreme wet weather and cyclone safety are also considered in the design.



Villa Savu Savu 7

Villa Savu Savu 8

Villa Savu Savu 9

This modern villa has a large pool where people can enjoy a pleasant time in this villa. The wet edge pool falls smoothly to the backdrop of the enormous existing tree, providing stunning views that can be seen easily.


Villa Savu Savu Gallery


Photographer: Robert Walsh

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