Interior DR: A Rural House with Original Structural Walls in Stone and Brick

Interior DR 4

Located in Rosà VI, Italy, Didonè Comacchio Architects has been completed the interior design of a rural house in 2019. Interior DR is a residential project in the Venetian countryside, designed for the aesthetic tastes and functional needs of the client. The recycled materials used are enhanced, including the original structural walls in stone and brick. The result of this project is a comfortable rural house with a unique interior inside.


Interior DR 1

Interior DR 2

This rural house is built in the early 1900s and restored in the early 2000s. It is a project that made to meet the functional needs and aesthetic tastes of the client, creating a stylish house with the best function. Each room has its own special function and character that different from each other.

Interior DR 3

In the kitchen and dining area, the highlight is the beams on the ceiling while the bathroom is highlighted with concrete floor and wall. Even the cabinet knobs come in gold, a perfect small detail on a white surface.



Interior DR 4

Interior DR 5

The recycled materials used in this project restoration are enhanced, including the larch beams on the ceiling and the original structural walls in stone and brick. Some simple and elegant materials are also used and applied to the pure geometric shapes of the house. In order to balance the use of recycled materials, a wooden table and wooden chairs are added to the dining area.



Interior DR 6

Interior DR 7

Instead of using a TV stand in the living room, a concrete table is made to put the TV and to create storage for the book. In the kitchen, white surfaces dominate the kitchen area with exposed beams on the ceiling and stone-brick walls on another side. All of these beautiful elements and recycled materials are combined to create a comfortable rural house that is unique and also different from others.


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