Hanna Park Home: A Contemporary Luxury House Design with Stunning Views

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Located in Edmonds with 4641 in size, Hanna Park Home is designed by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects. This house is situated atop a bluff near a waterfront railroad and major ferry line. It is an awesome project with a great opportunity to respond to the wishes of the client with a sense of privacy within stunning views of the site.


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This project is situated atop a bluff near a waterfront railroad and major ferry line, completed with stunning views of the site. The site itself has a tremendous amount of liveliness that becomes the main inspiration for the entire project, including a significant amount of activity to provide a comfortable shelter.



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Through this house, the architect can respond to the wishes of the client for a home with a sense of privacy. It is also a great opportunity for the architect to prioritize the stunning views of the Olympics Mountains for the client.



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The resulting concept of this project takes from the theory of “prospect and refuge” where the homeowners can enjoy a sense of security even with floor-to-ceiling glass by walking through the various layers of protected spaces and solid walls.

A solid public face of this house also can give away to private spaces through a sequence of volumes and landscape elements. These private spaces are the places where outdoor and indoor are blurred.


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Photography: Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

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