5 Ways to Put a Modern Twist on Vintage Trends

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Creating a modern interior doesn’t mean you have to discount classic trends. Some styles are tried and true for a reason. Learn how to add vintage touches throughout your home while still maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. Apply these retro tips and tricks without sacrificing a chic space. From wall art to lighting, create a sleek, refined interior with vintage details. 

1. Classic Wall Art

You can’t go wrong with classic wall art. Classic art fits beautifully in a contemporary interior, while adding a touch of design history. The trick to modernizing a classic print is to hang it on a daring background. Paint an accent wall in a dark, moody shade to create optimal contrast. Make sure the print is well lit, and consider a modern multi-panel canvas. Add as much texture to your space as possible for a truly trendy look. 


2. Velvet Textiles

Speaking of texture, velvet fabric is absolutely timeless. Velvet exudes modern luxury, and it has been a top designer pick for centuries.  Consider lustrous velvet upholstery if you want to add a touch of opulence to your living space. Plus, velvet furniture is a practical purchase because it will never go out of style. For a modern twist, consider muted velvet tones like charcoal, taupe, and slate.  


3. Gilded Details

Silver is slipping out of favor while gold is back to having its moment in the sun. Cool-toned metals were all the rage for a while, but warm metallic tones are coming back in style. 2021 is seeing homeowners and designers swap their silver hardware for gold and bronze. Bathroom sinks are getting a gilded makeover, as well as kitchen pulls and knobs. If you’re really looking to take advantage of this gold revival moment, you can even use ultra-reflective gold paneling. 

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4. Statement Lighting

Chandeliers have always symbolized an affluent status in society, and there are several modern ways to incorporate statement lighting. Borrow from Mid-century modern design trends and add a futuristic “sputnik” chandelier, or look for a standing lamp with a dramatic arc.  Stray away from harsh overhead lighting, and take a clue from classic décor with soft, glowing light fixtures. 


5. Gallery Wall

Looking for an easy way to spruce up an empty wall? Gallery walls rose to popularity in French salons in the 17th century, and they are all the rage among designers in 2021.  This eclectic concept is perfect for lovers of DIY. Choose a variety of prints and photos in various shapes and sizes and arrange them to fill any empty wall space. You can select pieces in a cohesive color scheme, or choose a diverse array of artwork. 



Vintage Modernism

Elevate your contemporary interior with vintage-inspired ideas. We can learn a thing or two from the designers of the past. There are plenty of antique trends that have made major comebacks in recent years. Discover the best of both worlds when it comes to interior design. Your home will reach a new level of chic when you tastefully combine modernism and classic décor.

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