Scarboro Residence: An Elegant House with A Generous Home Office

Scarboro Residence 1

Scarboro Residence is another awesome residential project completed by Kohn Shnier Architects. This elegant house sits adjacent to a lush park on the edge of the Scarborough bluffs. The idea of this project is to take advantage of its surrounding as much as possible.

This house takes advantage of its long side yard aspect that overlooks the park. Inside, a generous home office provides a cozy workspace at home for the occupants. This home office can be found on the second floor with a balcony, perching high on the old tree branches.

The best thing about this house is the home office. One can enjoy a cozy working time in this home office while enjoying the panoramic view of the lake. At the same time, it also maintains a sense of complete privacy from the outside.

If you are looking for the best idea to create a relaxing living place with a cozy workspace inside, this project is perfect to be your main inspiration.

Scarboro Residence

Scarboro Residence 8

Scarboro Residence 9

Scarboro Residence 2

Scarboro Residence 3

Scarboro Residence 4

Scarboro Residence 5

Scarboro Residence 6

Scarboro Residence 7

Scarboro Residence 1

Collaborator: Blackwell Engineering (structural engineers)

Photo Credits: Tom Arban

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