House at Hanegi Park: A Single-Family Residence with Two Different Windows

House At Hanegi Park 1

Located in Tokyo, Japan, House at Hanegi Park is a single-family residence designed by Shigeru Ban Architects. Completed in 2010, this house sits on the corner of an L-shaped street at the top of a slight hill. Two completely different windows are added for the opposite views of the house.


House At Hanegi Park 1

House At Hanegi Park 2

House At Hanegi Park 3

House At Hanegi Park 4

There is an uncommonly long and linear passage that seems to characterize this house site most. The feeling of living in the forest can be brought into the house if the forest view of Hanegi Park could be an integral part of this house. The residential street’s opposite view also seems odd with the forest’s greenery.



House At Hanegi Park 5

House At Hanegi Park 6

House At Hanegi Park 7

House At Hanegi Park 8

House At Hanegi Park 9

In order to solve the problem’s view and to distinguish the two picture windows, two different windows are needed for the opposite views of this house. For the window to the east, a curved frame is installed facing the linear and long street. This frame is softening its contrast to the forest.

The views framed on the eastern side can be separated into the street and the sky by installing a long, horizontal window. For the window that facing the west side, a sharper frame is designed to be used as an abstract aperture. This way makes the forest appears as if it had been collaged onto the house’s wall.


House at Hanegi Park Gallery


Photographer: Hiroyuki Hirai

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