House in Honen-in: An Awesome Renovation of A 100-Years Old House

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It is a renovation project of a 100-yeard old house by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio. House in Honen-in is located in Higashiyama, Kyoto, and it sits on the hillside that connects Mt. Okayama to Kyoto City via the Philosophy Road. Respecting the “time passed by the building” of this house, the scratches are carefully repaired and old pillars are also painted without concealing them.


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This amazing house is nearly 100 years old, renovated without removing its history. It is located in beautiful nature with a stunning view of the city and also surrounding green areas. The design is made as comfortable as possible to allow one to feel an awesome connection with its surrounding nature.



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The first floor of this house offers a private space such as a bedroom while the second floor provides a good view with a large space where people can gather. The arrangement is done carefully to each floor of this house so people can enjoy their lives as if they were close to nature.

Windows of this house also help people to connect with nature, supported by furniture installation along these windows. This way makes these windows become an ideal place to stay and relax.



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The “time passed by the building” for nearly 100 years of this house is respected by repairing the scratches and also painting the old pillars without concealing them forcibly. The process of painting the house clay walls is also minimized as much as possible to not obscure the past’s traces.


House in Honen-in Gallery


Photography: Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio

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