Fab Lab House: A Self-Sufficient Housing with An Open Design and Organic Form

Fab Lab House 5

Miso Soup Design works together with IaaC to design this self-sufficient housing. Fab Lab House is located in Madrid, Spain and it received an award from SDE 2010 People’s Choice Award. Completed in 2010, this house is developed with an open design and also organic form to respond to its environment.


Fab Lab House 2

Fab Lab House 3

This house design can be fabricated with local materials anywhere in the world. The organic form of the house is a response to its environment. This form can be produced using advanced industrial systems, allowing each dwelling to be made based on the users’ needs.



Fab Lab House 4

Fab Lab House 5

This unique and awesome house has a multi-functional loft on its interior, used as a comfortable space to rest and work. This loft is also equipped with information technology to connect to the world to produce more knowledge. Designed with friendly materials for its environment, this house truly has an awesome connection with its nature.


Fab Lab House Gallery


Photographer: Adrià Goula

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