Accessory Dwelling Units And How They Can Be Used By Homeowners

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2020 is known as the “year of the ADU” because this is the year people in the USA rediscovered the use of such a unit. Not only did it allow homeowners to bring their parents closer during the pandemic, but it also helped create more affordable rentals and housing spaces. 

With the current housing crisis, and fewer houses being built all over the US, the retail market skyrocketed, leaving many people in trouble. Still, if you have an ADU, you can extend the living space and/or create a more affordable rental. This way, both the homeowners and the renters win.

Now, if you don’t know what ADUs are or how they can be helpful, we recommend reading this article about accessory dwelling units first. On the other hand, if you want to learn more about how to get all the benefits of such a unit, make sure to keep reading. 

Make Room for Your Loved Ones

ADUs are also called granny flats because many homeowners build them to provide for an aging parent. Since these units have their own entrance and are somewhat separate from the house, it also provides the new home dweller with privacy. This aspect matters for an adult (young or elderly) as it creates a space that’s their own. In addition, you don’t have to share your own living space with yet another person. 

But an ADU it’s not just for elderly parents. Homeowners these days also build them to help their adult children. With the cost of renting and housing in high-density areas going up, many millennials don’t see the reason to leave home. In addition, with 2020’s crisis and work from home opportunities, leaving the nest really isn’t a good decision!

Increase Property Value

As more and more millennials decide to stay with their parents, home buyers look for alternative living options (especially in California) that can be used as a long-term investment. 

As such, people who buy a house with an Accessory Dwelling Unit usually have extended families that include a millennial kid or a parent. Still, if in time, the unit becomes vacant, they can still use it as a rental and get some money out of it. 

Furthermore, most buyers know how difficult it can be to get neighbors’ approval for such a unit, so they would rather buy a house with an existing one. 

Real estate specialists consider that granny flats can boost property value by 30%, which is not something to ignore!

Neighborhood Esthetics

If one of your neighbors isn’t happy about you building a granny flat, ask them if they’d prefer you redesigning your home into a flashy mansion. In the majority of cases, people will start seeing the value of adding a discrete cottage in your backyard rather than getting an eyesore house that disrupts the harmony of the area. 

An in-law apartment can easily be designed to follow the structure and architecture of the area. Even more, it may not be visible from the street, especially if you have vegetation fences. 

Let’s take this barn extension as an example of a unit that adds living space without disrupting the structure of the area. While it’s clearly designed with modern materials, it does look like it’s been there for centuries, and people can go on and admire the pristine landscape. 

Wrap Up

Whether you call them granny flats, in-law apartments, or ADUs, these additions are clearly back in trends! Furthermore, if you live in a high-density area, it’s a fantastic way to keep the family together and boost the property value without disturbing the neighbors or disrupting your own living arrangement.

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