Seneca Road House: A Sustainable House with LEED Platinum-Level Certification

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It is a modern house with LEED platinum-level certification designed by Searl Lamaster Howe Architects. Seneca Road House is located in Venice, Florida, sitting on a half-acre site that has native scrub oak and cabbage palms. It is a sustainable house built with sustainable strategies.


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On the site, native, drought-resistant plant materials replace invasive species while existing native scrub oak and cabbage palms are retained. This house has a highly sculptural form, clad in stucco and concrete and punctuated by commercial-grade storefront windows and doors.



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The standing seam metal roof of the house is pitched to a largely concealed gutter that collects rainwater for reuse purposes. A Heliodyne direct solar domestic hot water system and a 5kW SunPower PV array are some of the sustainable strategies included in this project.



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The main living level in this house is twelve feet above grade, overlooking a nearby preserve and bird sanctuary. At this level, the primary living space is a combined, high-ceilinged living/dining/kitchen area.

Open onto the pool, the south-facing windows and doors are shaded by a trellis topped with solar hot water panels. There is a screened dining porch that also opens onto the pool. The same concrete type on the pool deck is used on the whole interior floor with a polished finish.

All furniture of the house is selected by the architects.


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Images Source: Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

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