10 Smart Kitchens with Creative Wall Storage

Apartamento Itaim 9

Wall storage is the best solution for you who need functional storage without spending more space. This kind of storage is also perfect for your kitchen, especially for herbs, kitchen utensils, and even books.

If you need more inspiration for your own kitchen, check out 10 smart kitchens with creative wall storage below.

1. Tucuna Apartment by Tria Arquitetura

Tucuna Apartment 4

This modern apartment has a black kitchen with creative wall storage. Designed by Tria Arquitetura, the smart kitchen with creative wall storage in Tucuna Apartment is made of wood. This wall storage is used to put books, drinks, and also kitchen decorations.

Photography: Tria Arquitetura


2. Portal House Manly by Adriano Pupilli Architects

Portal House Manly 1

Designed by Adriano Pupilli Architects, Portal House Manly has a smart kitchen with creative wall storage to put wines and family photos. This contemporary home has a large kitchen where one side of its wall is used to install large wooden wall storage.

Photographer: Simon Whitbread


3. Cottage de Brébeuf by BOOM TOWN

Cottage De Brébeuf 13

The beautiful white kitchen in Cottage de Brébeuf is a smart kitchen with small creative wall storage. This small wall storage is at the end of the kitchen cabinet, used as storage to put some herbs. Small storage is the best idea when you have a small kitchen.

Photography: BOOM TOWN


4. Baby Point Residence by Batay-Csorba Architects

Baby Point Residence 3

Besides the custom furniture in the kitchen of Baby Point Residence, this smart kitchen also has creative wall storage that flanks the exhaust fan. This wall storage is storage to put kitchen herbs, bowls, and plates that are often used every day in the kitchen.

Photography: Doublespace Photography, Stacey Brandford


5. Apartamento Itaim by Tria Arquitetura

Apartamento Itaim 9

The wood elements and bright atmosphere in Apartamento Itaim also can be seen in its kitchen. The smart kitchen in this minimalist apartment has creative wall storage made of wood. Besides herbs, you can also use this kind of storage to put a small pot of greenery to beautify your kitchen interior.

Photography: Tria Arquitetura


6. Percy Street by Basic Projects

Percy Street 20

The bright kitchen in Percy Street is a smart kitchen that has creative wall storage. The storage is installed right on the wall side near the stove so it is easy for the homeowner to reach plates and glass when the cooking process is finished. This kitchen also has a small kitchen island in the middle of the room.

Photographer: Olivia Rae James


7. Napoles Apartment by Bloomint Interior Design

Napoles Apartment 5

Designed by Bloomint Interior Design, Napoles Apartment has a smart kitchen with creative wall storage installed at the corner of the kitchen cabinet. This storage is used to put some bowls, plates, and glass that are often used in the kitchen. The traditional interior of this kitchen also makes it looks unique.

Photography: Bloomint Interior Design


8. Vitacon Apartment by Studio AG Architecture

Vitacon Apartment 7

If you have a minimalist modern kitchen and need simple storage, then try to get more inspiration from the kitchen in Vitacon Apartment. This customized apartment has a smart kitchen with creative wall storage that is installed right above the sink.

Photographer: Ricardo Bassetti


9. Mieszkanie Jaworzno by Widawscy Studio Architektury

Mieszkanie Jaworzno 9

Besides the colorful and decorative backsplash, the smart kitchen in Mieszkanie Jaworzno is also designed with creative wall storage. It is a beautiful house that uses its creative wall storage in the kitchen to put kitchen utensils and herbs.

Photographer: TOMASZ BORUCKI


10. A Hole New Apartment by i29 Interior Architects

A Hole New Apartment 6

If it is important for you to find, get, and put the kitchen herbs easily in your kitchen, you can try to create creative wall storage just like in the kitchen of this new apartment. A Hole New Apartment has large wooden wall storage that is used to put all herbs.

Photography: i29 interior architects

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