10 Sleek And Functional Modern Kitchen Decor Inspirations

Roseberry Street House Hawthorn East 10

A modern design is about using clean lines, minimalism, and natural materials. It is one of the best house designs that you can use to beautify a room, including a kitchen. When you use a modern design for your kitchen, you don’t have to use a lot of decoration.

We have gathered 10 sleek and functional modern kitchen inspirations for you below so you can get more ideas to decor your own kitchen.

1. Tucuna Apartment by Tria Arquitetura

Tucuna Apartment 10

The sleek and functional modern kitchen inspiration in Tucuna Apartment is about using one color as the main focus to highlight the kitchen. Designed by Tria Arquitetura, the black kitchen in this apartment becomes the most interesting thing to see.

PhotographerJulia Ribeiro


2. E2211 House by Ravel Architecture

E2211 House 10

It is a modern house that has a semi-connected kitchen with built-in appliances designed by Ravel Architecture. You can get a sleek and functional modern kitchen inspiration from the kitchen in E2211 House, especially how the architect uses different neutral materials and earthy tones to decor it.

Photographer: Chase Daniel


3. Summer House by minusplus

Summer House 7

Designed by minusplus, Summer House is a residential project that has an awesome sleek and functional modern kitchen decor. The kitchen uses wood material as the main material to create a warm atmosphere. The wood color is combined with bright color (white), creating a perfect and simply modern look.

Photographer: Tamás Bujnovszky


4. Wola Justowska by Kaim Work Studio

Wola Justowska 24

It is a modern apartment designed by Kaim Work Studio. The modern style in Wola Justowska comes with awesome details, including in the kitchen. As you can see, the sleek and functional modern kitchen inspiration in this kitchen is about using bright and soft tones to beautify the interior.

Photographer: Patryk Polewany


5. Can Tho House by Story Architecture

Can Tho House 12

It is a family house designed by Story Architecture with modern interiors and simple exteriors. Can Tho House has a simple kitchen located at the corner of the living area. It is a modern kitchen with clean lines that can be seen from the grey kitchen island.

Photographer: Bui Minh Quoc


6. Easton Residence by Diebel and Company

Easton Residence 23

This residence is a combination of the 1920s California Spanish architectural grandeur with modern design. Designed by Diebel and Company, Easton Residence has a sleek and functional modern kitchen inspiration for you with its bright kitchen. The romantic charm in this kitchen comes from the bright color and the use of three pendant lights above the kitchen island.

Photographer: Obeo


7. Rose House by Ian Moore Architects

Roseberry Street House Hawthorn East 10

This modern house is designed by Ian Moore Architects with a lightweight steel structure. Rose House has a modern kitchen which is dominated in white. The kitchen island in this kitchen is completed with two stools while the ceiling is decorated with some small spotlights.

Photographer: Ross Honeysett


8. Shooting Star by Blaze Makoid Architecture

Shooting Star 2

Designed by Blaze Makoid Architecture, Shooting Star is a family home located on the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. This modern house has a high ceiling which can provide good circulation inside, including in the kitchen. This high ceiling is also used to hang a big pendant light for the kitchen decoration.

Photographer: Paul Dyer


9. Bailer Hill by Balance Wickline Architects

Bailer Hill 11

Completed in 2017 by Balance Wickline Architects, Bailer Hill is a modern home with a connection to its surrounding landscape and awesome view beyond. A modern kitchen decor in the kitchen of this modern home is dominated by the use of natural material wood (wooden stools, kitchen island, kitchen storage).

Photography: Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects


10. Treetops House by Specht Architects

Treetops House 10

It is a big house that has a big modern kitchen as well designed by Specht Architects. The bright color (white) dominates most parts of the kitchen in Treetops House. This color is combined with beautiful brown color from the wood material and sleek grey from the granite on the kitchen islands.

Photographer: Casey Dunn

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