Slim Fit: A Permanent Micro Dwelling with A Smart and Flexible Design

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It is a permanent micro dwelling located in Almere, the Netherlands with 50m2 in size. Slim Fit is designed by ANA ROCHA Architecture for urban densification that occupies with its minimal footprint. The use of smart and flexible design can provide many applications. With its compact footprint, this dwelling becomes an ideal home for compacting and filling in the city blocks’ inner areas.


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Slim Fit can be placed freestanding, connected, or between the existing buildings on the site. It also has a luxurious spaciousness due to the full height of the rooms and the large window size. The main concept of this dwelling is designed for a growing group of working singles who want to live compactly but also full identity, sustainability, and comfortably in urban contexts. This dwelling also proves that a spatial and identity full living within a minimal footprint is possible.



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The 2016 design of this dwelling was one of the winners of the “BuildingExpo Tiny Housing” competition that organized by the municipality of Almere in the Netherlands. The dwelling is built detached with a stunning view over the Homerus Park. It is also characterized by carefully positioned and designed openings on its four facades. This way offers the most perfect use of natural light, natural cooling and heating of the spaces, and also awesome views towards the park.



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The different layers have a functional organization that based on the three basic living functions. These functions include sleeping on the second floor, living and relaxing on the first floor, and cooking and eating on the ground floor. These layers are connected by a continuous bookshelf that is integrated in the staircase. The residents also don’t experience this dwelling as a tiny house thanks to the diversity of light, view, and spaciousness quality. It is experienced as a spacious, light, and compact park villa with a garden.


Interior Elements

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This dwelling is also built with a wooden frame to keep the walls slender. The facades are finished with Ayous wood while the inside walls are finished with birch wooden panels. For sustainable qualities, the wooden is built within two days. The kitchen block, sanitary, and all furniture are designed with standard measurements while the standard pinewood stair can create a vertical connection. Other interior elements such as the sliding panels and bookshelf are built out of birch plywood.



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The simple open floor plans enable a various organization of the facade. The result, the optimal use can be made from the natural ventilation and solar heat depend on the house location and the way this dwelling is detached, connected, or not. In the site area, the glass surfaces are oriented towards the sun. The small rooms inside also can be heated naturally.

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The sliding panels can prevent temperature loss while the positioning of smaller turn windows opposite to each other, ensuring the cooling of the spaces and natural ventilation. The roof is finished with a white, heat-resistant foil and the glass surfaces are equipped with heat-resistant glass. This dwelling is also connected to urban heating and the installations need rather little space.


Slim Fit Gallery


Photographer: Christiane Wirth, Den Haag

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