Pinheiros House: A Three-Floor House Formed by Blocks with A Relationship to the Environments

Pinheiros House 20

Sits in the Pinheiros neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil, Pinheiros House is formed by blocks. These blocks are distributed over three floors in 500m² of the project size. Completed in 2013, Felipe Hess Arquitetos also marks this house integration by the relationship of the environments to bring a balance between the building and its surrounding nature.





Pinheiros House 3

Formed by some blocks that distributed over three floors, this house offers stylish and comfortable atmospheres in each room on each floor. The main block is the dining room and living room with a double-height that open to the library of the house on the second floor.



Pinheiros House 6

There is a single bookcase in this house that runs the library’s entire length, housing a lot of books of the resident’s collection that can be seen from the rooms on the ground floor. It is crossed by the service block with a concrete box on the internal facade that forming a kitchen balcony and it serves as a pantry. There are a more reserved wardrobe and a bedroom block on the third floor of the house that gives access to the house upper deck.




Pinheiros House 8


This house has an integration that marked by the environments’ relationship with each other through windows, a sailor staircase, and double-height and also with a maintaining relationship with the garden. This garden can be found in the background of the house, offering a green and fresh area among the house blocks.



Pinheiros House 10

Pinheiros House 11

Pinheiros House 12

This house interior is filled up with wooden furniture and also beautified by a fireplace. At the corner, there is wine storage made from wood for the residents who want to keep their drinks safely. Facing the garden, there is a minimalist patio with a round table, offering everyone who wants to get closer to the garden and enjoy the fresh air at the back area of the house.


Pinheiros House


Pinheiros House 14

Pinheiros House 15


Pinheiros House 17

Pinheiros House 18

Pinheiros House 19

Pinheiros House 20

Pinheiros House 21

Pinheiros House 22

Photographer: Ruy Teixeira

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