Ridgewood House: A New Generation of California Modernism with Eclectic Material Palette

Ridgewood House 3

With 3,050 SF in size, Ridgewood House comes as a stamp of a new generation of California modernism. This house is located in Los Angeles, California, designed by Assembledge+. The house structure is unique, supported by strong details and eclectic material palette. The design takes full advantage of the Southern California climate.


Ridgewood House 1

Ridgewood House 2

Ridgewood House 3

In the middle of a series of early 20th-century craftsman homes, this house stands out with its unique structure. This house also echoes the craftsman ideals in the strong workmanship and detail. The entire design of this house can blur the boundary between outdoor and indoor.



Ridgewood House 4

Ridgewood House 5

Ridgewood House 6

Without any boundaries between the outdoor and indoor areas of the house, this house takes full advantage of the Southern California climate. Some large walls of glass slide passing the solid walls, allowing the interior spaces to transition to the outside world seamlessly. The expansive wood rooftop deck is also built over a semi-subterranean garage, creating a dynamic relationship between the house and the landscape.



Ridgewood House 7

Ridgewood House 8

The eclectic material palette that used for this house also includes ipe decking, medium-density overlay panels on the garage, smooth plaster, and sustainably harvested cedar. These materials defined the discreet forms, creating a holistic and balanced overall composition too at the same time.


Ridgewood House Gallery


Photographer: Michael Weschler

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