TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten: A New Kindergarten with Playful Architecture and Random Window Arrangement

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 5

Designed for TTC EDU, this new kindergarten sits upon an existing foundation inherited from a previous building. TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten is a 2018 project located close to the city’s railway station in the west of District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with 1940.2 m2 of its floor area. The playful architecture of the building can express its unique character while the random window arrangement ensures each classroom gets adequate natural daylight and ventilation.


TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 1

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 2

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 3

Built upon an existing foundation inherited, this kindergarten is conceived in a pure geometric shape to provoke the curiosity sense for the kids. They can interact with it easily on a daily basis. This kindergarten building consists of 5 levels. The upper floors are for school administration departments, staff training, and organizing events. The first 3 floors are for indoor playgrounds and classrooms.



TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 4

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 5

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 6

It is a “play” house for the kids with a playful architecture that can express its character through a relationship between its window composition ration and its simplistic form. The window arrangement is random but it is calculated systematically to ensure each classroom can get adequate natural daylight and ventilation. The direct sunlight from coming into the interior is prevented by the help of extended windowsill.

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 7

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 8

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 9

The building windows are apertures that stimulating curiosity, imagination, and emotion. They also establish a direct relationship between the living, ever-changing external environment and the kids playing inside. The light runs through the openings along the colored windowsill, washing and highlighting the interiors with its beautiful dyed color.



TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 10

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 11

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 12

The building architecture resembles a cubist form in a holistic view that similar to the blocks of the neighboring housing. By being sensitive to its surrounding context and also its historical trait, the introduction of this kindergarten into the grid can bring a lively, attractive, and fresh breath into the surrounding area.


TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten Gallery

Photographer: Quang Dam

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