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Transformadora Ciel: A Productive Co-Working Center with A Green Roof

Completed in 2012 by Rojkind Arquitectos and AGENT, Transformadora Ciel is a transformation project of Foro Ciel into a productive co-working center for the activities of the Transformadora Ciel program. The goal is to create a functional co-working space with green areas.

Liverpool Interlomas: A Department Store with A Flexible Facade and Sleek Stainless Steel Machine-Like Exterior

Dynamism, fluidity, and flexibility drove the facade process design of this department store. Liverpool Interlomas is a 2011 project by Rojkind Arquitectos, located in Huixquilucan with 193,750 square feet in size. This building also has a sleek stainless steel machine-like exterior that transformed into a dynamic form.

Amanali House: A Weekend Retreat with No Boundaries between Inside and Outside

Designed by Michel Rojkind and Gerardo Salinas from Rojkind Arquitectos, Amanali House is a weekend retreat located in Mexico. This awesome house is designed in 2013 as a weekend retreat for outdoor living. With 1,109 square feet in size, this house has no clear boundaries between inside and outside.

Nestlé Application Group: A Pair of Factory Additions Painted in Different Colors

This pair of the factory additions is a 2009 project located in Queretaro, Mexico, designed by Rojkind Arquitectos. Nestlé Application Group is built for the Nestlé Company with two commissions: a vestibule for one of its chocolate factories and a laboratory for the development. This project is 776 square meters in size, characterized by different colors of paint.

Mercado Roma: An Ideal Space for A Sense of Community and Collaboration

Conceptualized by Cadena + Asociados Concept Design and designed by Rojkind Arquitectos, Mercado Roma is an ideal place for a sense of community and collaboration. This building is conceived as a comfortable space to house Mexican gastronomic culture and rich contemporary expressions. It is an awesome 2014 project located in Mexico City with 18,836 square feet in size.

Falcon I Headquarters: A Glass Box Floating in A Garden with A Blend of Interior and Exterior

Rojkind Arquitectos works with Derek Dellekamp to complete this 2003 project of a headquarter building. Falcon I Headquarters offers an amazing blend of its interior and exterior. Located in Mexico City with 4,855 square feet in size, this building is designed as a glass box floating in a garden with edited relationships between the view and the space to blend the exterior and interior.