The Lodge: A Restaurant with American Interior and A Variety of Lighting Units

The Lodge 7

The Lodge is a cool restaurant located in the main boulevard of Constanta, Romanis. It is not only a restaurant but also a club and an event hall at once. The interesting thing about this restaurant is its American interior design. With a variety of lighting units too, the American style can be shown more clearly.


The Lodge 10

The Lodge 9

The Lodge 8

There are a lot of American elements that the architect uses to this restaurant. With an important depth and windows on the short side, those elements can communicate with each other with the narrow and long space configuration.



The Lodge 7

The Lodge 6

The American interior design in the Lodge also comes in a unique geometry. It plays with a lot of wood materials and lighting on the ceiling, the main key to bring an American style. The warm and classic atmosphere can be felt in the whole space of this restaurant.



The Lodge 5

The Lodge 4

With some unique lighting, the American interior design in the Lodge looks like a lack of natural light. The whole interior design is made according to the lighting and shadow games, highlighting all materials that it used.



The Lodge 3

The Lodge 2

The Lodge 1

The Lodge is designed with some different materials such as metal frames, hand finish wood, exposed concrete ceiling, and recovered brick. The demarcation on each zone in this restaurant comes from the way those materials are displayed inside the restaurant.

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