Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe by Schemata

If you have a good time to come to Japan, you need to see this awesome Cafe. Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe is a coffee cafe which is located in Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. It is built by the Schemata Architects and Jo Nagasaka is the man in charge of this cafe. The Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe is a project in 2017 with 100 meters square of large. At first, this cafe was a 50 years old building with a low-rise type near the Sangenjaya Station.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 1

The architect plan for this old building is creating a new commercial building or a new apartment because of its location which is suitable for it. Remembering how special this building is, so the architect is made with a lot of loves and cool plans. The plan is putting the owner’s area on the second floor and cafes on the ground floor.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 2

The plan for the owner’s area is larger than the other areas. The building has two spaces for cafes and cool backyard near the kitchen. The architect is also planning to make a beautiful terrace and garden right in front of the cafe. It will be the best thing for the customer who wants to enjoy their coffee and the view.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 3

If you see this cafe from the front part, it still looks like an old building. But once you enter the cafe, you will be greeted with a nice and warm atmosphere. You can see it directly from the outside because of the large glass doors in the cafe.

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Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 4

When you come to the cafe terrace, you can see its natural garden with the grey accent of the front building. The glass doors of the cafe make it more elegant and modern, even the building age is almost more than 50 years old today.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 5

The interior design of the cafe is simple and natural with the wooden furniture. It also looks larger with its many free spaces to move. The furniture is divided into two. The customer can choose whether they need a table with four chairs or two chairs.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 6

The space of the cafe is not a square at all. There is another space left inside the building. Both of the cafe spaces have the same interior design and style. The white ceiling and the white wall make the interior looks elegant and natural.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 7

There are no more things or furniture on the terrace of the cafe. The architect doesn’t want to design a building with a lot of things, especially the terrace. It will make it looks larger than it seems and gives a nice view of the customer too.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 8

As its name, the Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe has a lot f blue accent in the building. It has a blue frame on the window and even on the brick wall. Of course, it has cool blue machines too in the kitchen to make a warm coffee for you.

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Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 9

The name of Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe is not only from the location of the cafe building but also the decoration of it. You will see a blue bottle decoration right on the cafe wall. It looks simple but also unique at the same time.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 10

Now the kitchen. This cool cafe has a modern kitchen with a white and grey accent for the kitchen table. The machines can be seen early from the cafe seating are so the customer can see directly how their drink and food are being made.Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 11

This cafe has a long space for the kitchen. It also divides into two parts. One part is the kitchen area for making the food and drink, whether another area is used for the serving which is full of pretty glass and mugs.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 12

Some of the cafe drink and food ingredient are displayed on a beautiful rack near the kitchen. The purpose is not only to decorate the kitchen interior but also introducing what kind of drink and food that this cafe use for the customer.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 13

The entrance of the Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe is designed with a beautiful glass door which is large. The tiles and the door frames look matching to each other. It is hard to remember that it is an old building after all.

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Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 14

The architect also creates a simple cafe sign with a blue bottle picture for the cafe approach. It is not making the customer easily to find the cafe but also making the cafe is cute already even when you walk into it.

Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya Cafe 15

And the last is about the cafe furniture. The table and the chair have higher legs than usual furniture. It kinds of cafe furniture which is simple and also cozy, especially for the teenager. The wooden material makes it looks natural for the cafe interior.

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