Stage of Forest: A Unique Building with A Sensuous Form and Rough Materiality

Stage Of Forest 20

With 277㎡ in size, Stage of Forest offers a unique and sensuous form at the edge of the forest next to the ski slope. This building is located in Ji Lin – a northeastern Chinese province – and it sits the hillside with a panoramic view towards the Songhua Lake and mountain range. Designed with rough materiality, META-project tries to stimulate people to come up with more ideas through this viewing platform.


Stage Of Forest 1

Stage Of Forest 2

Stage Of Forest 3

The site of the building is covered by awesome white snow in winter and surrounded by luscious greenery in summer. The building can capture the stunning views of surroundings, especially the views of Songhua Lake and mountain range. Sitting on a hillside, Stage of Forest is located next to the ski slope at the edge of the forest.



Stage Of Forest 4

Stage Of Forest 5

Stage Of Forest 6

A sensuous form and rough materiality are combined to design this building while the building space is choreographed through a carefully plotted experience. The “stage” is a dark, free-floating monolith when it is seen from afar with a heavy concrete “base”. When night comes, the building offers bright and warm lights from its interior with its lights and wooden surfaces.



Stage Of Forest 7

Stage Of Forest 8

Stage Of Forest 9

This building is designed in beautiful nature to introduce an enlightening medium between people and nature. The goal of this project is to stimulate people to come up with more great and brilliant ideas of exploring their relationship with the surrounding nature. The building itself also becomes a big part of nature.


Stage of Forest

Stage Of Forest 10

Stage Of Forest 11

Stage Of Forest 12

Stage Of Forest 13

Stage Of Forest 14

Stage Of Forest 15

Stage Of Forest 16

Stage Of Forest 17


Stage Of Forest 19

Stage Of Forest 20

Stage Of Forest 21

Stage Of Forest 22

Photographer: Su Shengliang

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