York Street Residence: A Modern, Two-Storey Addition with Maximum Natural Light and Ventilation

York Street Residence 5

York Street Residence is a 2017 transformation project of an existing heritage building into a modern, two-storey addition. Designed by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects, the addition is designed to re-interpret the original dwelling distinctive geometry in a contemporary lens. Aspects of maximum natural light and ventilation also can be captured easily through the building materials and design.


York Street Residence 1

York Street Residence 2

York Street Residence 3

The site’s orientation and garden aspect are used in the design and each component of this new addition is also oriented to get maximum natural light and ventilation. This purpose allows the client to enjoy the leafy garden easily. For the entire design of the house, a contemporary style is combined with some modern details to create a comfortable atmosphere and awesome look.



York Street Residence 4

York Street Residence 5

York Street Residence 6

A refined and subtle palette of brick, steel, and timber dominates the house structure. In order to retain the key heritage features and structure of the existing dwelling, a clear separation to the modern extension for the house is provided. The buildings are connected with a glazed link, screened by a courtyard and hit-miss brickwork.



York Street Residence 7

York Street Residence 8

York Street Residence 9

The landscape separates the proposed contemporary extension and the heritage building. This kind of form is a response to the gables and hips of the prevalent existing heritage buildings. The sculptural staircase becomes a central focus to connect the ground floor and a landing study nook. This staircase is set under the folding origami, timber-lined ceiling.



York Street Residence 10

York Street Residence 11

York Street Residence 12

York Street Residence 13

Most of the downstairs living spaces are open and delineated by some levels. Through the various components of the space such as study, dining, kitchen, and living, the engaging journey inside the house can be delivered. Those spaces are linked to each other through clever sightlines and a palette of textured materials.

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