Color House 6

Casa Cor: Simple Elements with Plasticity of the Volumes and Architectural Components

Completed in 2019 with 80m2 in size, Casa Cor is a project of the simple elements by Felipe Hess Arquitetos. The plasticity of the volumes and architectural components are highlighted while the visual relationship value is reconsidered as an articulator and activator of bodily experiences. While the spaces have a well-defined perimeter built by cabinet doors and panels.

Casa M 11

Casa M: A Residence Renovation with A Metal Structure and White Tone of the Design

This big and modern residence is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a 2018 project of a residence renovation by Felipe Hess Arquitetos. With 780 m², Casa M is renovated and it also needs a great reform to update its interiors too. The metal structure of the residence is connected to the building structure while white is chosen for the design predominant tone.

Wentz 11

Wentz: A Designer Store with An External Seating Area and Neutral Finishes

Located in a rectangular lot on two floors in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this designer Guilherme Wentz’s store is a 2019 collaboration project of Felipe Hess Arquitetos with João Paulo Carrascoza and Roberta Alecrim. With 160m², Wentz is designed to translate the brand itself and to receive the designer’s works through its neutral finishes. An external seating area is also created by taking advantage of the existing retreat.

Pinheiros House 20

Pinheiros House: A Three-Floor House Formed by Blocks with A Relationship to the Environments

Sits in the Pinheiros neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil, Pinheiros House is formed by blocks. These blocks are distributed over three floors in 500m² of the project size. Completed in 2013, Felipe Hess Arquitetos also marks this house integration by the relationship of the environments to bring a balance between the building and its surrounding nature.