Villa Ask: Innovative apartments with Generous Openings and Private Exterior Spaces

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Villa Ask is a new high-quality housing project by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter located in Askeveien, sheltered in green and lush surroundings in Skøyen, Oslo, Norway. Started in 2015 and completed in 2019, this project offers innovative apartments with generous openings and private exterior spaces for a comfortable living.


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The adjacent historical landscape and built environment will blend together with the residential building in a humble and attractive manner. This residential project will also develop and reinforce the site inherent identity through the conscious use of location-oriented and qualitative architecture.



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The 15 apartments of this pitched-roof housing complex are completed with generous openings and private exterior spaces. The building itself has a roof geometry that allows the penthouse apartments with sheltered roof terraces and generous ceiling heights. Wrapped in hand-basin long-shaped tiles, this project offers a unique language in defining its design and architecture.



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The interior is a combination of modern design with elegant touches that comes from the chosen materials and furniture. Through the windows, the residents can enjoy the green and lush surroundings from their own apartment. The warm and soft atmosphere spread out to the entire space of the interior thanks to the wooden floor and white surface.


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