Jan Juc Studio: A Large Deck Space with A Series of Sliding Doors and Exploration of Structural Clarity

Jan Juc Studio 4

Working together with Surfcoast Constructions, Eldridge Anderson explores ideas related to structural clarity and enclosure through this under-construction project. Jan Juc Studio is located in Jan Juc, Victoria, Australia and it is envisaged as a large deck space that floats gently across the undulating site. It has a series of sliding doors with a continued exploration of structural clarity.


Jan Juc Studio 3

Besides exploring the ideas related to structural clarity, the architect also explores more about enclosure in this project. This building has a series of sliding doors that extend around the house perimeter, allow the internal spaces to be adapted based on the climatic conditions of the site. This building opens to the site in summer and also allows the sea breezes to enter the interior. The internal spaces are closed down when winter comes.



Jan Juc Studio 4

This house has timber columns that expressed on the outside, defining the frame views and internal spaces across the heavily treed site of the project. Some transition zones are pushed to the house perimeter. A type of verandah around the entire perimeter can be created by opening the internal spaces to the transition areas. When these internal spaces are closed, more intimate spaces can be provided for the residents.



Jan Juc Studio 5

A continued exploration of structural clarity and expression from earlier projects come from the gently tapering roof structure and the roof sharp lines. This clarity and expression can define building design and structure more clearly. The building roof itself becomes a unique character that can be recognized easily by everyone who sees it.

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