House AB: Contemporary Interior of Apartment with A Jacuzzi on Its Terrace

House AB 13

This project is about restyling an apartment with a contemporary interior and also a luxury jacuzzi on its terrace. House AB is a 2015 project located in Bassano del Grappa. This apartment is designed by Studio Didone Comacchio with an idea to maintain the same spatial distribution from its late 70s construction.


House AB 15

House AB 14

House AB 13

The contemporary interior in this apartment comes from the restored olive timber on the existing floor. The contemporary look is also created from a grey resin, replacing the existing tiles in the kitchen. The white color atmosphere offers a more comfortable interior of this apartment.


Living Room

House AB 12

House AB 11

House AB 5

House AB 10

The living room is large with a big grey sofa. There is a flat TV in front of the sofa and a modern fireplace next to the TV on the corner of the room. The entryway to this living room is decorated with a wooden rack as a book storage.



House AB 9

House AB 8

House AB 7

The kitchen and dining area are located at the same space. Both the kitchen and dining area are designed in the same style too. The dining chairs and the kitchen island comes in a beautiful white color while the kitchen storage and the dining table are made from the same wood material.





House AB 3

House AB 2

House AB 1

The bathroom has a different surface from others room, it is darker with the black tiles and the concrete wall. The terrace has horizontal and vertical surfaces made from timber. The jacuzzi can be used to get an enjoyable time with an awesome view of Asiago mountains.

Via didonecomacchio

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