ab House: A New 2 Storey Dwelling with A Projecting Series of Upper Floor Balconies

Ab House 21

Working together with Ewer Construction and Matrix Joinery, Ben Walker Architects design this new 2 storey dwelling located in Canberra, Australia. ab House has a projecting series of upper floor balconies. These balconies can reflect the interior rooms’ hierarchy in this dwelling. The balconies also become awesome telescopes that can capture the beautiful mountain views.


Ab House 1

Ab House 2

Ab House 3

Located on a vacant block in leafy inner north Canberra, ab House is surrounded by beautiful views and also awesome nature. The architect doesn’t miss chance by designing a projecting series of upper floor balconies. These balconies can reflect the hierarchy of the interior rooms perfectly, providing a perfect area for the residents to enjoy beautiful distant mountain views to the north.



Ab House 4

Ab House 5

Ab House 6

The interior of ab House is modern and elegant with bright surfaces and natural looks. The rooms are beautified by the white ceilings and walls while the warm atmosphere comes from the wooden floor and furniture. The ceiling in each room is high enough to deliver good circulation and fresh air inside the house.



Ab House 7

Ab House 8

Ab House 9

Besides the wood, ab House is also built with other different materials such as bricks and patterned tiles. The combination of bricks and woods can create an interesting structure in this house both inside and outside. While the patterned tiles are used to beautify the walls behind the bathroom sink. The glazed walls on the balconies and the back area of the house offer an easy way to see the views without the need to go outside.


ab House

Ab House 10

Ab House 11

Ab House 12

Ab House 13

Ab House 14

Ab House 15

Ab House 16

Ab House 17

Ab House 18

Ab House 19

Ab House 20

Ab House 21

Ab House 22

Ab House 23

Ab House 24

Ab House 25

Ab House 26

Ab House 27

Ab House 28

Ab House 29

Ab House 30

Ab House 31

Ab House 32

Ab House 33

Ab House 34

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