If House 6

If House: A 1950’s Split Level Home with A New Wing and Early Modernist Architecture

If House is an award winner in Residential Architecture (Alterations & Additions) category from the Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter Awards 2016. Working together with Matrix Joinery and Country Builders, Ben Walker Architects designs a new wing at the back of this house and removes a previous, poorly considered addition. An early modernist architecture of this house is enhanced by its new rooms.

Elm Grove House 28

Elm Grove House: Alterations and Additions to An Existing Red Brick Cottage with Sustainability Principles

Elm Grove House is a 2019 project of alterations and additions to an existing red brick cottage in O’Connor, Australia. Designed by Ben Walker Architects, this project also includes a connection to some elements and improved access to natural daylight based on the primary components of the client brief. With 249.0 m² in size, this cottage is also designed with a serious focus on solar passive and sustainability principles.

Ab House 21

ab House: A New 2 Storey Dwelling with A Projecting Series of Upper Floor Balconies

Working together with Ewer Construction and Matrix Joinery, Ben Walker Architects design this new 2 storey dwelling located in Canberra, Australia. ab House has a projecting series of upper floor balconies. These balconies can reflect the interior rooms’ hierarchy in this dwelling. The balconies also become awesome telescopes that can capture the beautiful mountain views.