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If House: A 1950’s Split Level Home with A New Wing and Early Modernist Architecture

If House is an award winner in Residential Architecture (Alterations & Additions) category from the Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter Awards 2016. Working together with Matrix Joinery and Country Builders, Ben Walker Architects designs a new wing at the back of this house and removes a previous, poorly considered addition. An early modernist architecture of this house is enhanced by its new rooms.

sa House: A Comfortable House with A Robust and Grounded Architecture

sa House sits on a beautifully proportioned and oriented site, designed by Ben Walker Architects. The site allows this house to have some perfect rooms and spaces for the residents to enjoy the awesome views and stunning landscape. The use of some different materials also can provide a robust and grounded architecture appropriate for this house.

Elm Grove House: Alterations and Additions to An Existing Red Brick Cottage with Sustainability Principles

Elm Grove House is a 2019 project of alterations and additions to an existing red brick cottage in O’Connor, Australia. Designed by Ben Walker Architects, this project also includes a connection to some elements and improved access to natural daylight based on the primary components of the client brief. With 249.0 m² in size, this cottage is also designed with a serious focus on solar passive and sustainability principles.

ab House: A New 2 Storey Dwelling with A Projecting Series of Upper Floor Balconies

Working together with Ewer Construction and Matrix Joinery, Ben Walker Architects design this new 2 storey dwelling located in Canberra, Australia. ab House has a projecting series of upper floor balconies. These balconies can reflect the interior rooms’ hierarchy in this dwelling. The balconies also become awesome telescopes that can capture the beautiful mountain views.

tc House: Small Renovations of An Award-Winner House with Functional Living Zones

tc House is an award-winner house from the Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter Awards 2016 in Small Project Architecture category. It is a project of small renovations of a 1950’s modernist house by Ben Walker Architects in South Canberra, Australia. This beautiful house is renovated also to improve the quality and function of the living zones.

db House: A Clear Contrast between New Elements and Old House

db House is a successful collaboration between Ben Walker Architects with Pelle Architects. This house is located in southern Canberra, comes with its unique form and design. It utilizes bold new forms to provide a clear contrast between the new elements and the old house. A rich and diverse material palette also can be provided with the use of some different materials.