Khun Kwin’s Residence: ‘Neat & Clean’ Mood and Tone to Achieve Function and Aesthetics

Khun Kwin Residence 8

The interior design is not only about the decoration but also about managing the limited spaces inside the house. This concept is applied to Khun Kwin’s Residence by GLA Design Studio, especially to take nature benefit when the residents living inside the house. ‘Neat & clean’ mood and tone are suggested to achieve function and aesthetics. This interior design project has been completed in 2018, located in Baranee Park Romklao, Romklao rd., Bangkok.

The House

Khun Kwin Residence 1

Khun Kwin Residence 2

Khun Kwin Residence 3

The architect tries to manage the limited spaces inside the house besides adding some decoration to achieve function and aesthetics. The existing interior space of this house is narrow, long, and quite limited, making this house just the typical housing estate in Bangkok even if the developer of the house wants to provide more lands to be a private garden.



Khun Kwin Residence 4

Khun Kwin Residence 5

Khun Kwin Residence 6

The owner of Khun Kwin’s Residence is a young couple who works as a flight attendant and consultant. They come back home on the weekend usually. ‘Neat & clean’ mood and tone are suggested by the designer team from GLA Design Studio with built-in, light-brown wooden tone and the off-white color. This suggestion allows natural light to come to the living area, delivering a sense of relaxation.



Khun Kwin Residence 7

Khun Kwin Residence 8

Khun Kwin Residence 9

For space designing and interior, natural light is one of the important keys. The opening is considered carefully by the designers to let the natural light into the house interior, creating a good relationship between exterior and interior. The flowing of natural light and open planning also can connect every room in this house carefully, including the pantry, living room, and dining room.

Khun Kwin Residence 10

Khun Kwin Residence 11

Khun Kwin Residence 12

The natural light also can make the ground floor brighter and lively. A private zone for resting can be found on the upper floor. The owner of this house converts the tiny family room to the walk-in closet. This walk-in closet connecting with the master bedroom, so the owner can get more private spaces as they needed.


Khun Kwin’s Residence

Khun Kwin Residence 13

Khun Kwin Residence 14

Khun Kwin Residence 15

Khun Kwin Residence 16

Khun Kwin Residence 17

Khun Kwin Residence 18

Khun Kwin Residence 19

Khun Kwin Residence 20

Khun Kwin Residence 21

Khun Kwin Residence 22

Khun Kwin Residence 23

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