Country Home E31: A Private Vacation Residence with Large Interior Spaces and A Relaxing Atmosphere

Country Home E31 5

Completed in 2018, Country Home E31 is a modern house with 384 sqm in size. It is a private vacation/relaxation residence designed by Micdee Designs to meet the needs to escape the noise, traffic, and pollution. With large interior spaces and a relaxing atmosphere, this house is expected to allow the occupants to enjoy nature comfortably.


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In order to create a comfortable private vacation/relaxation residence, a good design is required to create a relaxing atmosphere. The design concept is to “think relax” for a small family. The large spaces are featured by using the psychology of colors and cleaning straight lines. It also allows the indoor to blend with the outdoor environment seamlessly.



Country Home E31 4

Country Home E31 5

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Nature’s most relaxing elements are used to create a serene environment such as trees, lawns, and pools of calm water bodies. The house building is opened up with large windows, allowing an unhindered view of the lush environment and maximum daylighting.

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Cool pastel shades are also used and applied to the walls to follow the psychology of colors, calming the large uncluttered spaces. An outdoor experience of the relaxing surrounding around is available through the doors that lead to terraces.

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